Ellie Gadzos Escapes Reality in “Fiji”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 13, 2021

Winning a singing competition in Ottawa may have been Ellie Gadzo’s launching pad for her music career, but we have full confidence that it’s her sheer talent that’ll have listeners falling in love with her instantly. Striving to be an inspiration to others, Gadzos has already managed to brighten thousands of lives with her wholesome music. Without further ado, we’re pleased to introduce you to Gadzo’s stellar debut single, “Fiji.”

“Fiji” has Gadzos thinking out loud about escaping reality forever, which sounds like a fantastic plan to us right about now. Between the charming strumming and charismatic vocals, “Fiji” leaves us entranced as if we’re in a never ending daydream and Gadzos is the only other person there. By the end of this impeccable cut, Gadzos has proven exactly why 2021 will be her breakout year.

On “Fiji,” Ellie Gadzos explained,

“I think everyone has wanted to run far away and restart at some point. When I wrote this song, I wished I could leave Ottawa behind and start fresh on a faraway island. At the time, rumors kept me apart from the person I had feelings for, and it made me think that if we could disappear and get away, it would solve all of our problems.”

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