marcos g Transports Us Back to Our Teenage Years with “17 anymore”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 9, 2021

After a full day of teaching curious fifth graders, marcos g returns home to his makeshift studio, which is where he spends most of his precious time. Whether he’s channeling his love of bachata, dance pop, or R&B, marcos g always immerses himself into his music–just like we do every time his name pops up on shuffle. If you haven’t already, we highly suggest you lose yourself to marcos g’s inescapable new single, “17 anymore.”

Drenched in enchanting strumming and hypnotic percussion, “17 anymore” is simultaneously laidback and compelling. It’s almost as if this nostalgic cut gives us homely flashbacks of our teenage years, and we have marcos g to thank for that. More specifically, the “17 anymore” visual transports us back to the times we’d be at the beach from sunset until we had the best view of the starry night sky.

On “17 anymore,” marcos g shared,

“’17 Anymore’ is a song about a moment in the past. It’s a moment with someone that you love, or loved, but now that you’ve both grown up you’re two different people. Since the EP is centered around nostalgia and that feeling of missing the old days, a past relationship was a given, but this one talks about how sometimes moving on can be easy for one half while the relationship can stick with the other person long after.”

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