Bathe Pines for the Pre-Pandemic World in “Sundress”

Photo Credit: Nathan Bajar (@nate_nate)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 7, 2021

Brooklyn’s Bathe has been perfecting their coined surf R&B for a few years now, and it’s about time you appreciate it for what it is. Linked to its Carribean roots, this dynamic duo strives to celebrate the Black community with every breathtaking release. As their first project of 2021, Bathe has delivered their otherworldly new single, “Sundress.”

On “Sundress,” Bathe shared,

“‘Sundress’ is a song about anticipation. It’s about the transition from dreaming about a lover or  experience to actually having them in front of you. During quarantine, neither of us could leave our apartments so we mainly collaborated over WhatsApp. The bassline for ‘Sundress’ floated around in various threads until it ended up under a picture Devin snapped of his girlfriend a few months prior. The combination of the music and the photo reminded us of how much we pined for the pre-pandemic world, and how we had once taken closeness for granted.”

After a year of being socially distant, Bathe has a lot to say about feeling connected to others even when they’re thousands of miles apart. Topped off with a righteous trumpet number, “Sundress” is a slick offering that invites us into Bathe’s artistic mind like never before. The accompanying visual may appear to take us on a sunset-adorned beach trip, but are we really there?

“Our music video throws another twist onto this theme. In it we follow a group of friends on what appears to be a routine trip to the beach. Yet, slowly and surely we realize that the trip may just be the figment of a third party’s imagination. A mirage constructed to replace the connections that they’ve lost.”

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