Mad Tsai Is Tired of Being Excluded in “that friend”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 6, 2021

Mad Tsai came close to breaking the Internet with his jaw-dropping debut “Boy Bi” last year, and now he’s back for more. This Orange County native is a typical college student by day, but he’s become an icon for the LGBTQ+ community overnight. On a mission to keep producing inclusive alternative pop bangers, Tsai has unveiled his infectious new single, “that friend.”

On “that friend,” Mad Tsai shared,

“I wrote this song based on my experiences with one-sided friendships and feeling like you’re burdening the people you hang out with. It’s about friends who don’t include you in conversations, forget your birthdays, or don’t invite you to parties.”

As someone who’s grown used to being excluded from conversations, hangouts, and just about everything else, Tsai penned “that friend” as a way to let us know we deserve better. Adorned with a darling ukulele and wholesome vocals, “that friend” perfectly captures Tsai’s relatability factor. If you don’t already have Tsai on your playlists, we highly suggest you add “that friend” sooner rather than later.

“I particularly wrote this song after my friend group in high school went to prom without me LOL. But the main reason I wrote this song is because us ‘that friend’s’ gotta stick together and realize our worth.”

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