Dasha’s “Nervous” Is Her Most Personal Song Yet

Photo Credit: Jeremy Aguirre (@itsjeremyryan)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 5, 2021

If we’re being totally honest, we’re not surprised that the world has taken a liking to Dasha. The Nashville-based stunner effortlessly fuses together touching lyricism and irresistible sonics that we can’t get enough of. Going full speed ahead, Dasha has unleashed her captivating new single, “Nervous.”

Not necessarily a zestful banger nor a fully acoustic ballad, “Nervous” offers the in-between of what we’ve heard from Dasha thus far. Adorned with hushed percussion and ethereal synths, “Nervous” is a wonderful sonic offering from this California native. While Dasha strips herself down to her soul, “Nervous” really gives us a deeper look at how impactful her vulnerable songwriting can be.

On “Nervous,” Dasha explained,

“‘Nervous’ is about my first intimate experience, letting my guard down for the first time, and letting someone know me better than I’ve ever let anyone. The song came to life so naturally. ‘Nervous’ is definitely the most personal song I’ve ever released. It’s absolutely terrifying singing about such a vulnerable situation.”

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