[Q&A] Laica Finds Peace of Mind with ‘i’m so fine at being lonely’

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 30, 2021

Coming a long way since her Santa Monica busking days, Laica has become one of our most anticipated R&B-pop acts of 2021. Tackling stereotypes, mental health, and loneliness, Laica’s vibrant debut album, i’m so fine at being lonely, perfectly showcases just how much this Los Angeles-based talent has grown in the past few years. No matter how extroverted you may be, Laica will surely tap into your soul with her incredible debut album, i’m so fine at being lonely

On i’m so fine at being lonely, Laica shared,

“I think it’s absolutely okay to be alone and choose yourself before others. Though extremely uncomfortable at first, I found my peace of mind from being completely isolated. I had a newfound desire to build myself and grow as a person that I could be proud of, without seeking validation from others. Through this project, I wish for people to believe in the idea of never giving up on yourself, and that choosing the things that make you happy holds the utmost importance.”

To celebrate the release of her new music, we recently chatted with Laica about maturity, picnics, and of course, i’m so fine at being lonely.

HH: It seems like your fanbase is dispersed throughout the world, with plenty of listeners in Asia. Did you ever think so many people around the globe would hear your voice?

L: I did not! I didn’t have expectations of my music being listened to globally. I honestly thought the farthest my music would reach were my distant relatives and mutuals through my friends.

HH: How has TikTok affected your music career? Would you say it’s been a major driving force of your growth?

L: I am lucky to receive some positive feedback on my current project! I’ve been posting for a few months now and am glad that TikTok allowed my music to reach more people from the US. My listeners have actually increased by quite a lot after posting my new music!

HH: Congrats on your stunning debut album! How does the release of i’m so fine at being lonely compare to when you unveiled Forever?

L: Thank you so much! If I were to use one word to describe my Forever project, it would be “fetus.” I remember being less confident in myself and not even wanting my face as the EP cover. In this project, I’ve showcased myself to gain some maturity in comparison to the last project as I speak about certain issues that I would’ve felt too shy to bring up in my previous project. 

HH: i’m so fine at being lonely reassures us that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to spend time with yourself. Is this something you used to struggle with?

L: Definitely! Until quarantine occurred and we were all forced to stay inside. I was able to do some deep thinking, self-evaluation, and self-reflection that led me to appreciate spending some quality time with myself. I’m actually currently in the process of re-learning how to socialize and make plans with others because I’ve gotten so used to spending time by myself or with my younger sister.

HH: What’s your favorite memory from the “i’m so fine at being lonely” video shoot?

L: My favorite memory has to be the picnic scene. Maren (my imaginary friend/shadow) and I were just tossing pizza and grapes in the air several times, and after shooting the whole day, we all enjoyed a little picnic watching the sunset. 

HH: What’s it like to work with such an incredible wunderkind like Cooper Leith? How do you two balance each other out creatively?

L: Cooper is amazing! I view him like a mastermind because he seems to be skilled in everything creatively. Studio sessions are especially fun when we make new music and experiment with different sounds. We always make sure to respect our boundaries and take off days when necessary (especially mentally) when either one or both of us are feeling out of it. In special cases, working on a new song (even if it doesn’t get released) usually helps release some of the stress we’ll have and it’s honestly like a therapy session every time we meet up cause we’ll have mental health check ups on each other.

HH: Do you have a special place to go when you’re facing writer’s block? What do you do to overcome it?

L: When I have writer’s block, I try to go out and explore. Whether that’s going on a hike, going to my favorite bookstore, or trying a new drink at a coffee shop. Most of the time, writing comes easy to me (I can always at least come up with a melody or two). The only time I’ll experience writer’s block is when I am in deep stress or under pressure, so I’ll try to find something calming to do or find the root cause of my inability to remain focused. 

HH: What are your hidden hits?

L: Currently, I’m in love with “Weekend” by Clubhouse, “Commitment” by Luna Luna, and “lacie” by jerod!

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