Abby Sage’s “Wasting Away” Is a Slow-Burning Cut About Self Love

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 30, 2021

After years of sitting in the audience at her father’s Toronto shows, Abby Sage became inspired to pursue music on her own. With the stunning voice of an angel, Sage really does whisk us off our feet one soothing whisper at a time. Before she unveils her forthcoming EP, Fears of Yours & Mine, Sage is pleased to present her charming new single, “Wasting Away.”

Although “Wasting Away” features Sage’s classic jazz club feel, there’s something bittersweet about this slow-burning track that sets it apart from the others. They say that you need to learn how to love yourself before expecting someone else to love you, and that’s exactly what Sage suggests in “Wasting Away.” By the end of this introspective track, we hope you’ve learned a paramount lesson about self love.

On “Wasting Away,” Abby Sage reflected,

“‘Wasting Away’ is about wanting to start a relationship but recognizing there is a lot of self-work to handle beforehand. The song is hopeful, in a sense, but recognizes what the reality is right now. On one side of the relationship, the partner is ready to move forward while the other recognizes needing to address their own issues beforehand.”

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