Jonah Kagen Tells the Story of Star-Crossed Lovers with “Moon”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 29, 2021

Jonah Kagen has a captivating aura and knack for elevated songwriting like we’ve never seen before, so it’s about time you familiarize yourself with this emerging Georgia native. Having started taking guitar lessons at just six years old, it’s no surprise that Kagen has become some sort of musical virtuoso ready to leave us fully entranced. As his first release under Arista Records, Kagen is pleased to present his charming new single, “Moon.”

On “Moon,” Jonah Kagen shared,

“There was a period a while back where I was far away from someone I loved, and one night, I was outside and missing that person even more than usual. I remember looking up and having the thought that the person I was missing could go outside and look up to see the same exact moon that I was looking at, no matter how far away they were. That thought really comforted me, and it has stuck with me since. I think that there is a huge amount of hope in that sentiment, knowing that a person will always be there and to ‘just keep looking for the moon.’ I wanted to share that with people, so I wrote about it.”

If you’ve ever missed someone to the point where your heart hurts, Kagen offers the perfect solution for you in “Moon.” This guitar-driven track whisks us off our feet one verse at a time, as Kagen’s hearty vocals beam endlessly. The “Moon” visual follows two star-crossed lovers as they make their way to each other with the moon’s guidance.

“This one is an extremely special one for me. Hard to believe it’s the first one that Joe Janiak and I made together. From Insta DMs to this!! Unreal. I’m honored to have done this with you, my man. And I’ll always be your biggest fan. The first of many, my friend.” 

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