Ashley Kutcher Wonders What Could Have Been in “Favorite What If”

Photo Credit: Clyde Munroe (@clyde.munroe)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 29, 2021

Not every 22-year-old can make us feel the way Ashley Kutcher does with her infectious pop tunes. While studying nursing at Towson University, Kutcher found herself pouring her heart out at a local bar, which only fueled her passion for the performing arts. With the help of TikTok, Kutcher delivers the most precious cuts right to our ears–including her pensive new single, “Favorite What If.”

If you’ve ever parted ways with someone you cared deeply about, “Favorite What If” will have you frantically searching for a box of tissues. “Favorite What If” walks us through the ending of a relationship by way of sorrowful guitars and charismatic vocals. Furthermore, the accompanying visual offers a nostalgic montage of the undeniable intimacy two people shared in what seems like a lifetime ago. 

On “Favorite What If,” Ashley Kutcher explained,

“This song is reminiscent of all the great times you’ve had with someone you’re no longer close with. I feel like people will easily relate since we’ve all had a situation where we feel plagued with thoughts of what could have been.”

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