Elujay’s “Frequently” Is a Carefree Black Joy Anthem

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 28, 2021

Without a doubt, Elujay is the Oakland-based stunner that needs to be on your radar ASAP. This multifaceted 25-year-old refuses to be chained to any artistic limits, and that’s exactly why we admire him so much. With his next full length album, Crkmvnt, set for release this year, Elujay is spoiling us with a tasty preview by way of his luscious new single, “Frequently.”

On “Frequently,” Elujay explained,

“‘Frequently’ is a carefree black joy anthem about obtaining wealth in a currency, energy, and love sense. It was made in the midst of the pandemic when people were deprived of financial means, social interactions, and mental clarity. People around me were thinking of many money schemes or ways to acquire quick amounts of cash. My friends got me invested in the stock-market and crypto currency, and it was just a record inspired by that kind of energy.”

Elujay may not exactly know the secret to happiness, but he sure does deliver something close to it with “Frequently.” At a time when his friends pushed him to diversify his income, Elujay ended up getting more fulfilment from writing this wholesome track than his stock market investments. Sonically, “Frequently” surrounds us with R&B instrumentals, jazzy snares, and soulful vocals.

“The energy is also stemmed from breaking bread with your family and loved ones while seeing everyone around you prosper. I hope ‘Frequently’ is a jam people can run back this summer (especially at the BBQ).”

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