We Three’s “Sara” Video Revolves Around Suicide Awareness

Photo Credit: Emilie Farris (@emilie_abroad)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 23, 2021

Without a doubt, We Three is the sibling trio making the grandest impact on today’s youth. Hailing from Oregon, We Three has always been crafting music that speaks to the deepest parts of our souls and breaks our hearts in unimaginable ways. If you’ve never been graced by We Three’s emotive pop, we invite you to sob to their touching new “Sara” video.

Suicide isn’t discussed nearly as much as it should be, so We Three has taken it upon themselves to bring awareness to this devastating tragedy in “Sara.” As We Three discusses what it’s like to feel hopeless and contemplative, the “Sara” visual literally takes us into Sara’s dark world of drinking and depression. Most importantly, We Three shares suicide prevention hotlines and other resources at the end of this life-changing visual.

On “Sara,” We Three reflected,

“In releasing ‘Sara,’ our hope is to bring awareness, more conversation, and ultimately to help you feel less alone and isolated. There are so many resources available and if you’ve been waiting for a sign to encourage you to reach out for help… as cliche as it sounds, we hope this is your sign. We’re gonna keep reminding you that you deserve to be heard and understood for right where you are. We’re so glad you’re here.”

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