Cathy Jain Will Become the Face of Gen Z with R&B-Leaning “cool kid”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 18, 2021

Raised in China until she turned 13, Cathy Jain is the freshest UK talent about to dominate your airwaves. Although she may only be 17 years old, Jain exudes the determination of someone who’s long been in the music industry. When she’s not playing the traditional guzheng, Jain is crafting her mesmerizing bedroom pop, which is perfectly showcased in her R&B-leaning new single, “cool kid.”

Written and produced in her bedroom studio, “cool kid” captures everything we adore about Jain and her DIY approach. As hazy as it is gorgeous, “cool kid” features vibey reverbs and calm synths we can’t get enough of. As this Gen Zer discusses the sense of insecurity we’ve all felt at some point, “cool kid” reminds us to be kinder to ourselves and others.

On “cool kid,” Cathy Jain explained,

“‘cool kid’ is about how so much of our time is spent trying to project images of ourselves to others, and how we define other people by projecting our own emotions onto them. I wanted it to have a laid-back vibe, this time with hints of R&B and hip-hop. It’s a late summer evening by a river.”

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