Natalie Carr Reclaims Her Independence with “Scraped Knees”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 17, 2021

Natalie Carr has been through her fair share of heartbreak and loss, and it’s these very human experiences that she channels into her elevated songwriting. Based in North Carolina, Carr has been penning hits for other artists for quite some time, but now she’s ready to focus on growing her solo career. If you haven’t already, we invite you to familiarize yourself with Carr by way of her bouncy new single, “Scraped Knees.”

On “Scraped Knees,” Natalie Carr shared,

“Honestly, ‘Scraped Knees’ was one of those songs I wrote that just kind of came out of me. I wasn’t looking to write about any particular thing or any given concept, and I remember free-styling parts of it (as I’ve done with several other songs). As the lyrics came together though, and I began to structure it, I knew it was about the futility of trying to please other people.”

An enticing blend of alternative pop and modern R&B, “Scraped Knees” features stirring electronics and sultry vocals that make it impossible for us to even press pause. While Carr reflects on what it was like to completely change herself for a doomed relationship, “Scraped Knees” has the Charlotte songstress reclaiming her independence and finally setting her head straight again. Needless to say, Carr’s “Scraped Knees” is a perfect example of what you’d get when you pair emotional experiences with gifted songwriters.

“In the first verse, I talk about getting sober and making tons of changes for a relationship that inevitably failed. It’s almost as if you become the person you think you need to be in a bad relationship just so that you can stay together, but as we are well aware, that doesn’t work. I wrote the hook, ‘scraped knees, jagged teeth, bloodshot baby’ about being emotionally broken and exhausted due to the stresses of preserving a bad relationship and being someone you’re not. ‘Don’t you worry about me… you never worried about me’ is in reference to (said person) coming back into your life at an opportune moment.”

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