HOAX’s “Beach House ii” Is a Much Needed Sequel to Their 2016 Hit

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 15, 2021

HOAX has been one of our favorite indie pop rock acts for quite a few years now, and we don’t expect that to change anytime soon. The Queens two-piece has mastered the art of channeling empathy and pure emotions into their evolving discography. Back to deliver a stunning sequel to 2016’s “Beach House,” HOAX is pleased to present their otherworldly new single, “Beach House ii.”

On “Beach House ii,” HOAX shared,

“This past year for me – and I would only imagine for most of us – has been a year of introspection. Being stuck inside – even if you tried to ignore it in the beginning – probably led to every one of us having a reckoning with ourselves. To me, ‘Beach House ii’ is the aftermath of one of those reckonings. The older we get, the more critical we think of our past decisions and actions. So much so that some of us can live the rest of our lives consumed in regret.”

Although it’s been five years since HOAX unveiled “Beach House,” they’ve managed to recapture the feeling of uncertainty in “Beach House ii” to a tee. As if the inescapable vocals aren’t enough, “Beach House ii” is drenched in irresistible guitars and fantastic beats. More than anything, this introspective track lets us in on how much HOAX has grown over the years, so do yourself a favor and listen to “Beach House ii” and its predecessor back-to-back.

“This song is my reminder to not keep any of those regrets, and to realize that your short term priorities will not be the moments you think about in the future, so don’t put them before or above the important things. If there is anything this past year of magical thinking has taught me, it’s that ‘Life changes fast; life changes in the instant’ (Joan Didion), but it’s important to hold onto the people and the things that you hold dear. Otherwise, you’ll end up a 20-something year old dripping with regret, writing a song like this.”

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