JVLY Treats Us to Vibey R&B-Soul with “many moons”

Photo Credit: Bruno Stefani (@bruno___stefani)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 14, 2021

Performing under the moniker JVLY, Kayle Butler has proven himself to be quite the musically gifted Australian. With such a gorgeous R&B-soul fusion, it’s no surprise that the world has taken a liking to JVLY and his genre bending tendencies. Teaming up with Campbell Bruns of Vacations, JVLY is pleased to present his vibey new single, “many moons.”

On “many moons,” JVLY shared,

“This one formed in a strange way for me, but it was still quite an organic process. I had written the bones of the song and then I linked up with my friend Campbell, who helped bring it to life. We spent a couple of sessions bouncing ideas back and forth until we had the most part of the instrumentation and soundscapes in shape. After that, we called in Joey (who is another member in Campbell’s band, Vacations) to hit some drums for us.”

If you’re on the market for some chilled R&B-soul, “many moons” is the perfect track for you. Between the atmospheric synths and timeless vocals, “many moons” really lets us understand JVLY’s artistic mission to a tee. By the end of this darling cut, we’re left desperate for more musical gold from JVLY. 

“A lot of the time when it comes to laying down the vocals and melodies, I find myself mumbling along till I find the right pocket, but ‘many moons’ was one of those rare cases where the words kind of just leaked out at that stage. I always wonder when that happens whether, even if subconsciously, there was something there you had to say.”

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