milk. Spotlights Superficiality “In LA.”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 9, 2021

As far as we know, milk. is one of our favorite alternative pop bands coming out of Dublin, and they’re about to be yours too. Comprised of Mark McKenna, Conor Gorman, Conor King, and Morgan Wilson, milk. has been making music together since the early days of 2019. With an incredibly bright future ahead, milk. is ready to impress us with their hypnotic new single, “In LA.”

Hollywood tends to portray Los Angeles as a place of luxury and fame, and milk. totally agrees with this truthful sentiment. Between the electrifying guitars and memorable choruses, “In LA.” relays the superficiality that plenty of us have faced when living in the City of Angels. More than anything, “In LA.” confirms why we think that milk. is at the forefront of the Irish alternative pop scene.

On “In LA.,” milk. explained,

“‘In LA.’ was written all at once, in around thirty minutes just after Mark had left the city, following a conversation with a taxi driver. It’s about the stereotype of LA as a superficial place and how heavily social status and celebrity influence the people that live there. Everybody in LA is trying to be somebody.”

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