[Q&A] Gabrielle Current’s Debut ‘Virgo’ EP Empowers You to Fall in Love with Yourself

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 8, 2021

Gabrielle Current’s main goal with music has always been to spread love and encourage community, and we can confirm that she’s doing exactly that. Particularly in her new debut EP, Virgo, Current reveals her most personal experiences and lets the world truly see the person she’s becoming. With a generous fusion of neo-soul and R&B, Virgo gets us exceptionally thrilled for what the future has in store for Current.

On Virgo, Gabrielle Current shared,

“This project is about learning to let go of things that aren’t meant for you in order to fall in love with yourself. I write music as a tool for healing and inspiration, so it’s amazing to create out of personal experience and it brings me a lot of freedom. ‘Virgo’ felt like the right collection to share because as I landed on a sound that really felt like me, I also gained a deeper understanding of the woman and artist I want to continue growing into.”

To celebrate the release of her new music, we recently chatted with Gabrielle Current about collaborations, honesty in songwriting, and of course, Virgo.

HH: You’ve collaborated with plenty of successful artists before, but how does it differ from crafting your own music?

GC: I’m grateful for all the collaborations I’ve done because it’s a different level of connection and makes the writing process for me even more meaningful. Working with various artists and producers has also allowed me to step out of my comfort zone at times. I’ve learned so much from my past collaborators and friends, so it really gave me the confidence to step out as a solo artist and use bits and pieces of what I’ve learned from them in my own work. I still love collaborating; it’s one of my favorite things about making music. The only difference now with crafting my own songs, is I get to write about my own experiences in a sound that really feels like me.

HH: We absolutely adore the fact that you fuse together neo-soul and R&B. How did you develop your signature sound?

GC: Thank you so much! Those have always been the sounds that inspire me the most. I love blending multiple genres because I grew up loving not just one sound. I’ve always felt the most connected to women in R&B when their songs feel personal and intimate because I feel like I can share the same emotion they’re going through.

HH: Virgo really does let us into your personal life like never before. Is it difficult for you to be vulnerable in your songwriting? Or does it come easily?

GC: I’m most inspired by writing from personal experience. I always start with the most honest explanation and can pull back from there. I find that the most specific lyrics can be the most relatable. I talk a lot about love, relationships, and self-growth/discovery in Virgo because that’s what I was experiencing at the time — almost like a sonic diary. When I hear honest stories in music, I feel that much more connected to whoever is sharing, so I hope this project resonates with whoever is listening.

HH: “If I Fall” is easily one of our favorite tracks on Virgo. Which song would you say resonates with you most?

GC: Thank you so much, I’m so glad you love it! Although these songs were written a few years ago, I still find myself resonating with a different one throughout different times in my life now. “Serenity” will always be really special to me. It was the last song I wrote for the project and it felt like an epiphany. I had finally realized that there is nothing wrong with putting more effort into protecting my own energy. It was the resolution I needed at the time and still an important reminder to me now. 

HH: If you could turn back time and write any hit song, which would it be?

GC: “Closer” by Corinne Bailey Rae. Her voice heals my soul! 

HH: What are three hidden hits?

GC: “Trajectory” by FELIVAND 
“I can’t be the only one” by Madeline Louie 
“Get Well Soon” by Syd B

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