joan Has No Time for Mind Games in “don’t say you love me”

Photo Credit: Connor North Goad (@conyor)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 4, 2021

Even on our worst days, joan has a way of lifting our spirits with their infectious energy. The Arkansas duo, which is comprised of Alan Thomas and Steven Rutherford, has been making the indie pop scene a better place with their nostalgic bangers for quite a few years now. Along with announcing two highly anticipated EPs slated for release this year, joan is treating us to a playful new single, “don’t say you love me.”

joan has always been all about having a good time, and their lively discography is no different. With the occasional cowbell and fluttering synths, “don’t say you love me” gives us butterflies even though it’s written about a failing relationship. The accompanying visual invites us to joan’s virtual dance party, where everyone’s allowed to make a fool of themselves without judgement.

On “don’t say you love me,” joan shared,

“This song was in demo land for about six months. We loved the chorus that we had a lot, but could not find a verse that felt right for the life of us. One day last month, we met and wrote with Michelle Buzz and hit it off right away. She’s the first person we’ve ever let in, as far as writing lyric and melody to a song – she’s an absolute rockstar, and was the perfect partner to make this song what it came to be.”

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