Foster’s “as long as i have you” Is a 21st Century Love Ballad

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 4, 2021

Foster is one of those generational talents you wouldn’t believe exists unless you’ve heard his music for yourself. The Nashville-based wunderkind produces gorgeously delicate cuts that are simultaneously nostalgic and modern. Back to spoil us with more of his stellar musical tendencies, Foster has unveiled his precious new single, “as long as i have you.”

On “as long as i have you,” Foster explained,

“‘as long as i have you’ is the reminiscence of a fictional story. There were times in which I was so emotionally involved, it felt as if it were my current reality. Playing with the idea of being in a teenage relationship was very nostalgic for me, not because I was in one, but because I had always wanted to be. Because of these two emotional ties, the creative process was very fluid.”

Although “as long as i have you” isn’t written directly about a real life experience, Foster could’ve fooled us because it comes across as such a personal retelling. Layered with stirring beats and effortless verses, “as long as i have you” is basically a 21st century version of a love ballad. What’s so special about Foster is his ability to seamlessly blend lo-fi elements with hip hop bits together, which is exactly what he does in “as long as i have you.”

“Considering the story is fictional, I felt liberated to push it in any direction I wanted and create my own rollercoaster of emotions, which is something I’m not used to when it comes to writing. It felt very freeing.”

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