EMELINE Seduces Us with Irresistibly Sultry “flowers & sex”

Photo Credit: Conner Landers-Sorensen (@conner_sorensen)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 4, 2021

The TikTok world has already been shaken up by EMELINE’s irresistibly charming personality, but it’s about time we introduce you to this thriving Los Angeles-based artist. She’s spent the past few years collaborating with other musicians, but we’re incredibly thankful that she’s now committed to focusing on her promising solo career. With over eight million views on a teaser she posted on TikTok, EMELINE’s seductive new single, “flowers & sex” is the only thing you need to hear today.

On “flowers & sex,” EMELINE shared,

“This song is my moment to ask for what I want and need, unapologetically. I am finally living inside my power and embracing that I deserve to be celebrated. What can I say, flowers and sex are a girl’s best friend!!”

Tackling double standards and promoting sex positivity, “flowers & sex” is EMELINE’s way of encouraging us to find confidence in our own sexuality. Within the first verse of this sultry track, we guarantee that EMELINE’s vibrant vocals and SMLE’s stellar production will have you hooked instantly. For those of you who require a bit more musical foreplay, just wait until the drop, and thank us later.

“Within a week of WRITING this song, my TikTok teaser has hit 8.7M views and 1.7M likes (and counting). Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys have completely changed my life.”

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