Feels Is High on Life in Summer Ready “Walk”

Photo Credit: Christian Bang (@christianbang)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 1, 2021

Comprised of Siná Mousavian and David Evers, Feels is the Danish R&B-pop duo shaking the world with their evolving sound. What’s so fresh about Feels is that they craft each of their tracks independently, so there’s no need to stitch them together or be bound to a certain theme. Just in time for the summer Sun, Feels is treating us to their breezy new single, “Walk.”

On “Walk,” Feels shared,

“‘Walk’ walks you through the playful rush of love and emotions you feel when you’ve found the one, and how you want to live and relive those special moments. No temptations will get you off track, only that special someone can make you feel high on life, leaving you no choice but to walk towards what feels right.”

In collaboration with Elias Boussnina, Feels created “Walk” with the intention of vocalizing what it’s like to be newly in love with someone. With dashing vocals layered atop a catchy keyboard arrangement, “Walk” invites you to let loose for a few fleeting minutes. More than anything, “Walk” confirms that Feels is here to show us a good time through music, which is something we could all use right about now.

“‘Walk’ was made with Danish R&B artist, Elias Boussnina. We ended up pitching his vocals, kept it in the chorus and changed the beat completely – such good vibes.”

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