ROSIN Reaps the Benefits of Letting Go in “Tired of Dancing”

Photo Credit: Valerio Amato (@va.amato)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 26, 2021

Originally from Berlin, ROSIN is now based in Brighton, which is where she’s spent most of her time crafting the most precious ballads. What’s so special about ROSIN is that she welcomes listeners into her personal life through her vulnerable discography as if we’re one of her closest friends. Having spilled her heart onto the page, ROSIN is ready to unveil her emotive new single, “Tired of Dancing.”

On “Tired of Dancing,” ROSIN explained,

“I wrote this song last summer together with my best friend. Being in lockdown and feeling really lonely sometimes made me romanticize my past relationship, which had unhealthy tendencies in reality. In ‘Tired of Dancing,’ I try to remind myself of all the things that made me want to leave it in the first place.”

As intimate as it is stunning, “Tired of Dancing” features an otherworldly piano arrangement that deserves to be paired with a lovely ballet number. While ROSIN reminisces about a past relationship that left her in shambles, “Tired of Dancing” reminds us that there’s so much growth in letting go. Shot with her mother at her grandparents’ Germany country house, the accompanying visual offers a heartbroken ROSIN wearing what appears to be a vintage wedding dress, signifying what could’ve been if she had stayed in the destructive relationship.

“Getting out of a codependent relationship was hard and it took me a long time to process how I got into this situation and to be able to reflect on it. I am proud to have grown the strength to do so now.”

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