Mila Degray Defeats Peer Pressure in Debut “Ragdoll”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 26, 2021

All of you alternative rock lovers are about to become obsessed with Mila Degray and her undeniable charisma. The gifted 17-year-old from Miami has finally launched her music career, and we’re incredibly proud to be one of her earliest supporters. With so much more music planned for this year, Degray is treating us to her moody debut single, “Ragdoll.”

On “Ragdoll,” Mila Degray reflected,

“I wrote it as a way of saying goodbye to the people who introduced me to this whole other side of myself that I never really wanted to explore. The amount of times I embarrassed myself trying to prove myself worthy for these people who would never accept me was exhausting. I tried to change myself to fit into their molds. My family didn’t even recognize me and slowly didn’t recognize myself.”

“Ragdoll” is most definitely a coming-of-age story that speaks directly to Degray’s personal experiences with fitting in. Between the hazy guitars and thrashing percussion, “Ragdoll” reminds us of something we’d hear in an 80s rom com. Whether you’ve changed your fashion sense or pretended to be someone you’re not, Degray’s “Ragdoll” is here to say you’re not alone.

“It was a joke; some girl who would pop in every weekend to get fucked up and used like a ragdoll. Making this song was empowering because no one really knows who they are, so why should I fit into their standards?”

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