Caleb Jacob Exposes the Relentless Music Industry with “knock, knock”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 25, 2021

Caleb Jacob really is one of Toronto’s hidden gems, so it’s about time you give this 22-year-old the time of day. When he’s not producing or writing hits for other artists, Jacob spends the rest of his time developing his own evolving discography. Without further ado, we invite you to experience Jacob’s otherworldly sonics in his genre bending new single, “knock, knock.”

On “knock, knock,” Caleb Jacob explained,

“This song is an attempt at what I’m best at. It’s about being an artist and having people come into your life and realizing that sometimes you can’t let everybody in. There’s this attitude of, ‘Hey, you got something that I want, man. I like your skill, you got talent, you got a heart, let me eat that shit.’”

After just one listen of “knock, knock,” Jacob’s raspy voice rings deep within our ears and his flawless flow leaves us absolutely stunned. With the occasional saxophone tossed in for tasteful jazz flair, “knock, knock” is more of a laid back hip hop cut about the relentless music industry. Knowing that “knock, knock” is inspired by Jacob’s personal experiences as a rising musician, we’re left to wonder what else his counterparts have been through to make their way to the top.

“It’s about the cautions of being human and breaking down walls, being open but realizing some can’t even handle that. So I pour it into this music, a place that they can take it in and easily digest, rather than in conversation where they’re forced to face their own words as much as mine.” 

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