Escape Reality with Alt Bloom’s Uplifting “Fly Away”

Photo Credit: Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 25, 2021

Although Alt Bloom couldn’t tour his debut EP due to the current pandemic, he made the most of his time by recording new music from his Montana bedroom. As someone who’s very much in tune with nature, it’s no surprise that listening to his growing discography feels like taking a breath of fresh air. After months of reflection through songwriting, the Los Angeles-based alternative pop stunner is now pleased to present his feel good new single, “Fly Away.”

All of Alt Bloom’s previous releases are absolutely astounding, but “Fly Away” hits differently–in the best way. An uplifting ode to liberation and freedom, “Fly Away” channels Alt Bloom’s inner Peter Pan as he sings about soaring through the endless sky without a care in the world. Layered with comforting acoustic guitars atop otherworldly electronics, “Fly Away” is an unbelievable sonic dream that cements Alt Bloom as a must-listen artist for 2021.

On “Fly Away,” Alt Bloom reflected,

“‘Fly Away’ is one of those songs that was written line by line. Each line was a reflection on something in my life. It sings down like a fable to me now, and I derive different truths from it whenever I perform it.”

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