Zachary Knowles Connects with Introverts in “tendency to be a loner”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 20, 2021

Some of us may have rushed back from school to watch television or take a nap, but Zachary Knowles was the kid that’d come home to write as much music as he could. Needless to say, this gifted Texan’s commitment to honing his craft has certainly paid off, but he’s nowhere near done quite yet. Ready to hear his music play around the world, Knowles has released the title track of his forthcoming debut album, “tendency to be a loner.”

Co-written by Ashe and co-produced by Alexander 23, “tendency to be a loner” is a slow-burning track that offers a much more stripped back version of Knowles’ irresistible bedroom pop. Not only does Knowles resonate with every introvert out there, but he does so in a way that makes listeners feel understood and appreciated. To top it off, the “tendency to be a loner” visual appropriately features Knowles sitting alone in the backseat during a lengthy road trip.

On “tendency to be a loner,” Zachary Knowles reflected,

“This song really brought the project together for me, so it only made sense to use it as the title track. I’ve always had a hard time expressing myself, so music, and especially this song, has allowed me to do that. Ashe really made an impact on this record, and together we were able to make something that I think really describes what it feels like being an introvert.”

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