Viia Twists a Devastating Heartbreak into Her Anthemic Debut “Falling”

Photo Credit: Barnaby Fairley (@barnaby_fairley)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 19, 2021

Darlington-based Viia has been wanting to be a singer for as long as she can remember. Now 17 years old, Viia is seizing the opportunity to become the rock world’s fiercest newcomer. Easily one of the most anticipated acts coming out of the UK, Viia cements herself as a must-listen artist with her hypnotic debut single, “Falling.”

As striking as it is gorgeous, “Falling” fuses together dark pop tendencies and rock influences that get us riled up in the best way. Whether it’s the pulsating crescendo or gospel-inspired vocals, this tenacious track is the perfect introduction to Viia’s inescapable sound. Although “Falling” was written from a place of devastating heartbreak, we’re so pleased with the way Viia twisted this sadness into an anthemic banger.

On “Falling,” Viia reflected,

“‘Falling’ is about a guy who didn’t know what he wanted. He rejected me, but he still wanted me around. We used a text message that he sent me, at the start of the song, and we turned a heartbreaking situation into a dark pop anthem. It was the first song that really gave me my sound. It has massive ‘four on the floor’ drums, snarling electric guitar hooks and layers of gospel inspired vocals.”

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