Drive to the Nearest Coast and Jam Along to SEB’s “Seaside_demo”

Photo Credit: Shy Louise

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 19, 2021

We’ve covered SEB quite a few times now, but that’s because he keeps impressing us time and time again. After hopping between plenty of locations, the now Los Angeles-based newcomer has his mind set on breaking into the mainstream pop scene without judgement or confusion. To introduce you to his own brand of indie pop, SEB is letting you hear his purest form by way of his stripped down new single, “Seaside_demo.”

On “Seaside_demo,” SEB explained,

“One of the main things that helped me, when I first started to experience major anxiety, was looking forward to catching the sunsets. I remember how madly in love and comforted I was with all the colors and so I knew that’s how I wanted my music to sound.” 

Literally a demo written, produced, and engineered by SEB in his bedroom, “Seaside_demo” gives us a taste of how talented SEB really is without all of the extra elements that are typically thrown into the mastered version. After one listen of “Seaside_demo,” you’ll find yourself driving to the nearest coast with a picnic blanket and speakers to jam along to this fantastic lo-fi pop cut. More than anything, “Seaside_demo” has SEB encouraging us to find the one thing that makes us feel alright when times are tough.

“I literally want people to hear me and all my flaws. For better or for worse, I want to bring them to my special place in hopes they find some comfort there too.” 

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