Claire Rosinkranz Builds Her Perfect Boyfriend in “Frankenstein”

Photo Credit: Phoebe Neily (@phoebeneily)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 18, 2021

Claire Rosinkranz has achieved massive success on TikTok and a prized collaboration with Jeremy Zucker, but the future still has so much in store for her. The Gen Z phenomenon knows exactly how to create a hit song that’s both catchy and relatable, so we’re certain that you’ll be gravitated to her in an instant. More than anything, we highly suggest that you indulge in her buzzy new single, “Frankenstein.”

Created with M-phazes, Chelsea Lena, and Lexi Jayde, “Frankenstein” is a picture perfect offering that encapsulates Rosinkranz’s darling personality. For anyone who’s ever felt exhausted by the ruthless dating scene, Rosinkranz’s candid attitude towards practically building her own flawless version of a romantic partner will give you a chuckle. The accompanying visual follows Rosinkranz as she magically transforms a painting of a flower-holding man into her real life companion.

On “Frankenstein,” Claire Rosinkranz explained,

“I imagine somebody who’s been in a bunch of past relationships, and they haven’t worked out for whatever reason. The guy is just too egotistical. So, you’re fed up and actually try to Frankenstein your perfect boy together. It’s honestly innocent, carefree, and cute.”

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