GL1TT3RP1SS’ “You Don’t Know” Heals Collectively Through Vocalizing Past Rejections 

By Katrina Yang // May 14, 2021

With a blend of art-pop, R&B, glitters, vulnerability, and love, GL1TT3RP1SS brings their first single, “You Don’t Know,” from the upcoming album. GL1TT3RP1SS is an art project by Jenny and Emma that stands for love, justice, queerness, and transness. Through music, they speak up about past rejections and disappointments and shed light on the darkness.

On “You Don’t Know,” GL1TT3RP1SS reflected,

“When I was growing up, singing was a way for me to escape. It was a way of releasing the pain I felt in an abusive household and being gay in a time when it was shameful. I connect to that pain when I’m singing. I feel like there’s something special about sharing that part of me with other people – a second-generation American queer Chicana woman who experienced abuse, homelessness, addiction but still is soft, strong, and vulnerable. We can look to light even in the rain.”

From a place of vulnerability and strength, Jenny tells a painful story about unrequited love with a soft and naked voice full of emotions. Emma taps into that energy, uplifts, and supports her voice gently, blending in her unique voice of electronic soundscapes. They are activists, artists, and musicians, who are connecting and healing through collective experience.  

“I care about every single person on this planet having the absolute necessities not just to survive but to thrive. I care about everyone having the ability to actualize themselves and find their authentic truth and to be able to live that truth in peace. I care about honoring each and every person for what they are and meeting them with empathy and love. I care about lifting up every marginalized voice in this world until it is louder than the collective noise of colonization and capitalism. Art is a great and unlimited force that effectuates social movements and change.”

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