Nostalgia Creeps Up on Ivytide in “miss u btw”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 13, 2021

After unexpectedly meeting at a recording studio, the fellas of Ivytide decided to join forces and create what would become infectious bedroom pop bangers. Whether it’s because of their undeniable chemistry or innate talent, Ivytide is easily the most promising Montreal trio we’ve come across yet. Delivering pure lo-fi lusciousness, Ivytide has unveiled their alluring new single, “miss u btw.”

Drenched in infectious bass lines and uplifting percussion, “miss u btw” somehow makes us feel whole again. Written about what it’s like to part ways with someone you once thought would be in your life forever, “miss u btw” has Ivytide reflecting on both the good and bad times. More than anything, this dazzling cut proves just how much Ivytide belongs on your radar… so what are you waiting for?

On “miss u btw,” Ivytide explained,

“‘miss u btw’ represents one side of a two-tailed story. Parting ways with someone leads to an inevitable feeling of withdrawal, pulling you back into the relationship you once had. The other side of the story reflects on all the countless fights and sleepless nights that drew you apart in the first place. While knowing things ended for a reason, a creeping feeling of nostalgia ceases to put your mind at ease.”

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