Isaac Lewis’ “Movement” Invites You to Take a Deep Breath

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 13, 2021

It’s been a few months since we’ve been graced by Isaac Lewis’ glorious genre-bending tendencies, but today is the day we’re reminded of how impeccable his music really is. Having learned how to play plenty of instruments as a child, the now 23-year-old from Pittsburg uses his immeasurable knowledge to craft luscious tunes fit for the gods. With his forthcoming EP, Inferno, arriving this summer, Lewis is giving us a generous preview by way of his luscious new single, “Movement.”

On “Movement,” Isaac Lewis reflected,

“I wrote and recorded ‘Movement’ in the winter of 2019 in upstate New York. I’d spent the last couple years on the move from city to city, and ‘movement’ came about as a self reflection on experiences and feelings I carried through these times.”

Originally conceived to be a heavy-hitting track with fierce drums, “Movement” soon became Lewis’ soft spoken ballad filled with delicate pianos. With the occassional strumming tossed between wholesome keys and soulful crooning, “Movement” invites us to take a deep breath and relieve ourselves of any stress we may be holding within. Needless to say, this haunting track perfectly represents Lewis’ calming aura, which we’ll continue to experience in his future releases.

“In its early versions, the song sounded way different – a lot more layers, including some pretty heavy-hitting drums. I took a step away from it for a while, and when I came back with fresh ears I realized that in order to fully tap into the vulnerability of the song, it needed to be stripped back to only its essential layers. Doing so gave me a level of confidence in my writing, helping me to understand that if a song is written in an honest way, it doesn’t always need more than its core layers in order to sound right.”

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