Shawn Mathews Dedicates “Honest” to His Loving Girlfriend

Photo Credit: Anabella Wardhana (@anabellawardhana)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 11, 2021

Here’s the question of the day: Could Shawn Mathews be the breakout bedroom pop artist of the year? This 21-year-old from Pennsylvania may not be playing on radios around the world quite yet, but we’re incredibly certain that Mathews will find himself on that level very soon. Back at it again with his generous fusion of R&B and bedroom pop, Mathews has unveiled his heartwarming new single, “Honest.”

On “Honest,” Shawn Mathews explained,

“One big part of my life this last year has been my relationship with my girlfriend. Our relationship was great pre-pandemic but once the pandemic hit, I feel like it allowed her and I to have more time for one another and in turn just strengthen our relationship.”

Groovy bass lines and luscious guitars are just a glimpse of what Mathews has to offer in “Honest.” The lockdown life has been different for everyone, but “Honest” suggests that the current pandemic has given Mathews a chance to strengthen the bond between him and his loving girlfriend. More than anything, “Honest” reminds us to cherish our loved ones and devote time and energy into the relationships we care most about. 

“This song basically just expresses all these things I feel and have felt for her throughout our relationship. You would think that spending so much time with a person would make you sick of them, but in my case I feel like the pandemic has brought us closer together and I’m super grateful for that.”

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