Raye Robinson Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane with “Daisies”

Photo Credit: Jade Sadler (@jadesdlr)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 10, 2021

We wouldn’t be surprised if you’re never heard of Raye Robinson before because only recently made her stunning debut. Based in Los Angeles, Robinson already has her first EP planned out, which definitely gets us pumped for what’s to come next from this enticing newcomer. Fully embracing her past experiences with love and romance, Robinson is pleased to present her bouncy debut single, “Daisies.”

On “Daisies,” Raye Robinson shared, 

“I ended things with a guy that I was seeing because I was afraid to get into something serious. After we stopped seeing each other, though, I really missed the connection we had, and I couldn’t stop wondering, ‘Does he miss me too? Does he hate me now? Did I make the right decision?’”

Although the lyricism may be totally straightforward, “Daisies” treats us to dreamy melodies and glossy choruses that add dynamism to this dreamy track. Between the bass-infused piano and light production, “Daisies” perfectly encapsulates what Robinson’s upcoming music will offer. If you’ve ever missed an ex, “Daisies” will have you taking a trip down memory lane–so this is your warning!

“I immediately loved using the word ‘daisies’ in the hook, and from there the rest of the song came together pretty quickly!”

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