Johnny Murray Copes with Romance Gone Wrong in “MONEY ON YOU”

Photo Credit: Libby Danforth (@libbydanforth)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 7, 2021

Considering how impeccable his musical tendencies are, it’s bewildering that Johnny Murray only has one release to his name. With the indie pop scene growing more competitive every day, we have no doubt that Murray will organically rise to the top in no time. Here to bestow upon you his refreshingly breezy melodies, Murray delivers his intoxicating debut single, “MONEY ON YOU.”

Not all forms of love are healthy, which is exactly what Murray highlights in “MONEY ON YOU.” With sporadic bursts of horns, keys, and electronics, this zestful cut perfectly captures Murray’s fun-loving personality. In between the murk lyrics about loading up on painkillers or getting wasted, we hear Murray coping with a romance gone wrong in his own ways.

On “MONEY ON YOU,” Johnny Murray shared,

“The thematic essence of ‘MONEY ON YOU’ arose from my experience with emotional entanglement; where the pain-exchange between two individuals is predictable enough to bet on. Refusing to accept accountability for self-harming behavior, I displace the blame by ‘spilling blood on [her] hands.’”

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