Zuli Jr. Faces His Addictions Head On with “Her Manner”

Photo Credit: Kimberly Young Sun (@kimberlyyoungsun)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 5, 2021

Zuli Jr. is the next alternative R&B wunderkind you won’t believe exists. Born and raised in New York City, Zuli Jr. has always been a deeply curious soul, which certainly bleeds through in his growing discography. Equal parts sultry and determined, Zuli Jr. is treating us to his delectable new single, “Her Manner.”

With an orgasmic falsetto, Zuli Jr. makes it impossible to not lose ourselves with “Her Manner.” Whether it’s the soaring guitar riffs or Zuli Jr.’s astounding vocals, “Her Manner” is an impeccable cut that’ll leave you desperate for more. Serving as his first step towards achieving internal joy, “Her Manner” has Zuli Jr. facing his addictions head on and encouraging us to do the same.

On “Her Manner,” Zuli Jr. shared,

“‘Her Manner’ is an ode to romanticizing addiction. Learning to break the cycle and address your issues rather than to perpetually seek out pleasure. I wrote the song as a first step towards looking inward for joy instead of fixating on a quick high to escape reality. Whether it be sex, drugs, alcohol, social media, or any other vice.”

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