Gabrielle Current Rediscovers Herself with “If I Fall”

Photo Credit: Nicole Lewis (@nic.lewis)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 4, 2021

Get ready to lose yourself to Gabrielle Current’s irresistible neo-soul because this Los Angeles-based songstress will undoubtedly leave you in a trance. A Filipino-Korean-Swedish and American, Current channels every aspect of her life into her mature songwriting, which is exactly why she deserves to be on your radar immediately. Ahead of her forthcoming debut EP, Virgo, Current is treating us to her sultry new single, “If I Fall.”

On “If I Fall,” Gabrielle Current shared,

“‘If I Fall’ is about falling in and out of love with someone, then losing communication and contact with them. By reminiscing about the end of the relationship, I learned more about myself and the person who left me. I found it interesting how time away from that person brought a new perspective and closeness to the relationship we once had.”

Even if we omit the enticing guitars, “If I Fall” is drenched in darling instrumentals–like the classy keys and slow-burning kick drum. As Current reflects on what it’s like to fall in and out of love with someone, “If I Fall” reminds us that we have so much to gain from loss. For those of you currently going through hardships, we suggest you let Current ease your mind with her soulful crooning in “If I Fall.”

“With this song, I wanted to capture how loss gave me a new understanding of myself as well as the habits and patterns we choose. It was through the letting go that I gained an independence and a freedom that could only come from me.”

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