Charlie Pittman and Taylor Bickett Dedicate “Pam and Jim” to ‘The Office’ Fans

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 3, 2021

After discovering each other on TikTok, Charlie Pittman and Taylor Bickett instantly knew they’d completely alter each others’ lives. With Pittman being from the U.K. and Bickett being based in the U.S., you’d think the distance would prove difficult for this pair, but that certainly isn’t the case. For all of you fans of The Office, Pittman and Bickett have penned the most precious love story by way of their darling new single, “Pam and Jim.”

On “Pam and Jim,” Taylor Bickett reflected,

“It was such a dream to create this song with my favorite writing partner and person, Charlie Pittman. And huge thanks to Mark Elliott for bringing it to life with such stunning production!!!”

Fully written on Zoom, “Pam and Jim” features lovely acoustics and wholesome harmonies that’ll make you want to binge the entire series again. Although this romantic cut idealizes the iconic Dunder Mifflin couple, you don’t need to watch The Office to pick up on how these two aren’t willing to settle for anything less than ‘the one.’ If “Pam and Jim” doesn’t make you believe in true love, we don’t know what will.

Charlie Pittman added, 

“So happy to have this song out with my favorite human, Taylor Bickett (even if we’re still 4,000 miles away). We started writing this song in June 2020 and is one of our absolute favorites — but plenty more on the way!” 

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