Olive Amun Learns to Move On with “Bad Dreams”

Photo Credit: Emilio Dümar (@shotbydumar)

By Jenn Gomez // April 27, 2021

At 22 years old, Olive Amun is the latest Australian talent charming us with one release after another. Fusing together R&B, hip hop, and bedroom pop, Amun refuses to be tied down to one genre, which is exactly what his devoted listeners adore about him. With a highly anticipated debut project on the way, Amun is giving us a generous preview with his fantastic new single, “Bad Dreams.”

Drenched in wavy synths and groovy bass lines, “Bad Dreams” is the perfect introduction to Amun’s infectious discography. It can be incredibly difficult to cut off people and things that are hurting us, but Amun ultimately tells us it must be done in “Bad Dreams.” By the end of this playful cut, we’re totally obsessed with Amun and his irresistible genre bending tendencies.

On “Bad Dreams,” Olive Amun reflected,

“‘Bad Dreams’ is a song about not being able to say goodbye to that someone or something that isn’t good for you. I made the demo the first night of lockdown alone in my studio and it was one of the first times where I really felt comfortable with my guitar playing, producing, and vocal mixing so the record is a special one for me.”

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