Masati Shares the “Intoxicated Truth” Behind His Music Journey

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 23, 2021

Based in Dallas, Texas, Masati is the latest R&B stunner here to help you escape life for a precious moment. For years, Masati has questioned his purpose—whether it be making music or studying economics in university. Now ready to give music a fighting chance, Masati is unveiling his luscious new single, “Intoxicated Truth.”

On “Intoxicated Truth,” Masati explained,

“This song sounds like a conversation between two people, but it’s really about me and what felt like a toxic in-again, out-again relationship I’ve had with music. Over the years it’s been a confusing journey, but I’m finally giving it a fair run this time.”

Although Masati has always wanted to pursue music, “Intoxicated Truth” reveals that he’s had cold feet about taking this risk. With immaculate violins layered beneath soul stirring electronics, “Intoxicated Truth” really does pull us into Masati’s unique R&B righteousness. By the end of this eye-opening track, Masati has us exactly right where he wants us: desperate for more.

“I want people to be inspired to dream. Becoming an artist felt like a far-fetched idea for me, and I would have never expected to find myself in the position I am today. But I hope I can be proof that if something is meant for you, it can still happen – you just have to pursue it. From that point, it’s just a matter of time before your moment comes.”

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