Bealby Point Takes Us Back to Indie Rock’s Golden Days with “Telescope”

Photo Credit: Sam Fazio (@samfazio)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 23, 2021

Bealby Point must have known that it’s been a minute since we’ve come across an indie rock gem because they arrived at the perfect time. Here to revive our love of the timeless genre, this emerging Vancouver quartet has mastered an infectious array of electrifying guitars and heavy-hitting percussion. Without further ado, get ready to bang your head along to Bealby Point’s infectious new single, “Telescope.”

On “Telescope,” Bealby Point shared,

“When a night of regret weighs on you, it’s impossible to dismiss the feeling. Similar to how one might fry an ant on a slab of pavement, the eyes of your critics burn you as you try to forget.”

Inspired by memorable high school house parties, “Telescope” has Bealby Point reminiscing about what it was like to be constantly sneered at by their judgmental peers. Instrumentally, Bealby Point has clearly done their research on what it takes to produce an unforgettable indie rock anthem. Although “Telescope” is barely seeing the light of day in 2021, we’re convinced that Bealby Point belongs onstage alongside the early 2000s indie rock legends. 

“Nonetheless, regret is essential in life as it helps you learn and grow up. It prepares you to stop focusing on what other people think about you, but instead reach self-fulfillment by being happy with who you are.”

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