Oscar Welsh Speaks the Truth We’re Too Afraid to Admit in “Busy”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 21, 2021

It’s no secret that we believe Oscar Welsh will be the biggest bedroom pop star someday, but until then – it’s our job to help him get noticed. This 19-year-old from Suffolk couldn’t have ever imagined how his music would resonate with people around the world, but trust us when we say his hard work has certainly paid off. As his first release of 2021, Welsh is spoiling us with his refreshingly unique sound in his vibrant new single, “Busy.”

Written about all those times Welsh made up excuses to avoid his social commitments, “Busy” is a brutally honest cut we can all relate to. Beneath the hazy guitars and polished synths, we’re treated to a stunning brass arrangement that’ll take you by surprise. Shot in London, the “Busy” visual offers a quick glimpse of what the once-bustling streets really look like during the current pandemic.

On “Busy,” Oscar Welsh shared,

“‘Busy’ is about how we hate to spend ages zooming around on public transport to see people we can’t be bothered to see. Sometimes I lie about being ‘busy’ to get out of seeing people, and I think everyone is guilty of that.”

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