Lxandra Wonders Why Humans are Obsessed with “Sabotage”

Photo Credit: Anuk Rohde (@anukrohde)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 20, 2021

Growing up on the small island of Suomenlinna in Finland hasn’t stopped Lxandra from becoming a thrilling talent ready to impress us with her darling noir pop. With soaring vocals that’ll leave you hopelessly entranced, Lxandra is truly an artist you’d only discover once in a blue moon. With plans to unveil her highly anticipated debut album, Careful What I Dream Of, this summer, Lxandra is giving us a generous preview with her gorgeous new single, “Sabotage.”

Opening with suspenseful pianos, “Sabotage” draws us into Lxandra’s over looming darkness. As the cinematic cut introduces us to a breathtaking strings arrangement, we sense Lxandra’s frustrations with the damage we’re all responsible for as humans. The accompanying visual finds a gloomy Lxandra in a vintage wedding dress as the scenes cut between footage of massive disasters–whether they be natural or those caused by humanity.

On “Sabotage,” Lxandra explained,

“For me, this song is about the destructive tendencies we have as humans. Why do we so often destroy what we love? Ourselves, each other, and our planet… Maybe we’re programmed like that, or why is it so hard for us to do what’s right?”

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