Kaitlyn Velez Puts Her Foot Down in “can’t have it your way”

Photo Credit: Austin Howd (@austinhowdstudio)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 20, 2021

While keeping up with her studies at Berklee College of Music, Kaitlyn Velez has been unleashing stellar pop bangers left and right. She may only be 20 years old, but trust us when we say Velez will soon find herself playing on speakers worldwide. Ready to show us another side of herself, Velez is treating us to a sassy new single, “can’t have it your way.”

Although Velez’s existing discography may come across as delightfully playful, this New York native proves that there’s more to her in “can’t have it your way.” A straightforward narrative that has Velez claiming the power in a given situation, “can’t have it your way” should be sent to anyone in your life who has any sort of bad intentions. Layered with jumpy percussion, dazzling flutes, and assertive brass, “can’t have it your way” gets us even more pumped to see what’s next from Velez.

On “can’t have it your way,” Kaitlyn Velez shared,

“I think it shows a different side of me. I’m a very light hearted person, but I have a sassy side that I don’t feel like I showcase in my music. ‘can’t have it your way’ is showing my listeners a whole different part of who I am. I can be assertive and sassy when necessary and I know how to keep it classy when doing so.”

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