Jealousy Overcomes Olivia Lunny in “Sad to See You Happy”

Photo Credit: Louis Browne (@louis_browne)

By Andra Nechita // April 14, 2021

Canada’s rising pop sensation, Olivia Lunny is doing everything she can to make 2021 her best year yet. Her radio ready tracks are danceable, charming, and vulnerable–all in one package. At just 22 years old, Lunny proves that she’s well worth your time with her intoxicating new single, “Sad to See You Happy.” 

On “Sad to See You Happy,” Olivia Lunny reflected,

“This song was so fun to write! It came to life one afternoon with Jenson Vaughan, Shaun Frank, and AJ Healey. We were playing around with words and found ourselves exploring the concept of ‘love you to death’ and being ‘sad to see someone happy.’ We loved the idea of playing off of an oxymoron – this was the through line in our songwriting process.”

We’ve all been there… it’s only natural to want your ex back after seeing them move on with someone else. It’s this very universal experience that inspired Lunny to pen “Sad to See You Happy,” which brings an oxymoronic take alongside room-shattering synths. Saturated with every vibrant color you can think of, the “Sad to See You Happy” visual reveals that Lunny has moved into a new house… with her ex as her next door neighbor. 

“‘Sad to See You Happy’ is a very fun, vibrant song at first glance. The lyrics, however, are subtly darker and reminiscent. The contradiction of these two make for a unique combo and will hopefully leave the listeners intrigued and dancing along!”

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