Grant Schaffer Beams of Optimism in Reggae-Infused “Lovely Town”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 14, 2021

Grant Schaffer is easily one of the most underrated artists we’ve come across, and it’s a wonder how he hasn’t hit the top indie charts yet. After dropping out of college, Schaffer built a makeshift studio in his room, and we’ve got to say… we’re very glad he did. With more determination than ever before, Schaffer is pleased to present his charming new single, “Lovely Town.”

“Lovely Town” isn’t written about a real place; it’s actually inspired by Schaffer’s optimistic perspective on the world. With enticing reggae influences and irresistible electric guitars, “Lovely Town” showcases a pleasant side of Schaffer we’re absolutely blown away by. If you’re feeling down in the dumps, “Lovely Town” is exactly what you need.

On “Lovely Town,” Grant Schaffer shared,

“The song is not actually about a physical town. Rather, the phrase ‘Lovely Town’ is a metaphor that I use as a vehicle to convey the idea that life is what you make it. To live in a ‘Lovely Town’ is to live in a reality where you understand you have the power to do anything you want.”

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