AVIV Dedicates “Black Coffee” to Lost Friendships and Broken Relationships

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 13, 2021

Having only made her official debut last year, AVIV is one of the most anticipated talents to emerge as of late. Growing up as a budding actress, the ambitious 15-year-old soon recognized how music became her personal diary. Now ready to share aspects of her personal aspects with the world, AVIV treats us to her ethereal new single, “Black Coffee.”

“Black Coffee” is a bittersweet tune that has AVIV comparing lost friendships and broken relationships to the grains left at the bottom of a nearly empty mug. Drenched in dreamy production and nostalgic instrumentals, “Black Coffee” showcases AVIV’s vintage-sounding tendencies to a tee. Although the touching song’s message may be melancholic, the “Black Coffee” visual follows AVIV as she dances her sorrows away with two coffees in hand.

On “Black Coffee,” AVIV explained,

“‘Black Coffee’ is about how crazy it is that people we care about turn into strangers instantly. It feels as if we are black coffee with all the grains sitting in the bottom of the cup. So many memories and days that could have happened, yet they poured them out into the drain.”

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