SEB Disguises His Darkest Truths in “Coney Island”

Photo Credit: Shy Louise

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 7, 2021

SEB may have only made his stunning debut last year, but he’s come such a long way since then. The Los Angeles-based bedroom pop newcomer seeks inspiration from boundary-breaking greats that came before his time, but it’s safe to say SEB will become an icon for future generations. As he continues to prove how valuable he is to the indie pop world, SEB delivers his hypnotic new single, “Coney Island.”

Beneath the hazy melodies and oozing guitars, “Coney Island” tackles SEB’s relationship with mental health like never before. As SEB brings us into his dark past, “Coney Island” reminds us that everyone is dealing with something–even if they deny it. With a recurring motif of pink bunny ears taken from the 1997 cult film Gummo, the “Coney Island” visual offers relaxing views of the sunny Santa Monica beach, which is juxtaposed by SEB’s eerie lyricism.

On “Coney Island,” SEB revealed,

“I used ‘Coney Island’ as a way to disguise some of my darkest truths. Sonically it gives off a summery nostalgic sound, but that’s used to mask my lyrics where I’m exploring my mental health struggles and everything that comes with that.” 

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