Laica Delivers Precious Pop-Infused R&B in “love u lately”

Photo Credit: Maya Chisem (@mayachizam)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 6, 2021

Born in Abu Dhabi and raised in the Philippines, Laica is the latest newcomer dominating our airwaves. Although Laica only has one EP under her belt, the 21-year-old has certainly honed her precious pop-infused R&B soundscape. Ahead of her highly anticipated debut album, i’m so fine at being lonely, Laica is treating us to her luscious songwriting in her hypnotic new single, “love u lately.”

As Laica maneuvers her way through the hectic dating scene in Los Angeles, “love u lately” has the Gen Zer desperate to know how the other person feels. It’d be remiss to not mention Laica’s gorgeously soothing vocals, but it’s also important to note the radio-ready production on this stellar cut. To top it off, the accompanying visual has Laica using witchcraft and advanced technology to make someone fall in love with her, which is probably something we’ve all considered at some point.

On “love u lately,” Laica shared,

“‘love u lately’ is basically about the dating game and trying to figure out how the other person is feeling/thinking but getting mixed feelings so you do the same ‘cause you reciprocate whatever energy or vibes they give you.”

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