Dafna’s “Sweeter” Is an Ode to Inescapable Guilt

Photo Credit: Jivan West (@jivan.west)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 6, 2021

Having first laid her fingers on a piano at age four, Dafna has always been quite the musical force. Fast forward to present day, and the 20-year-old songstress has two independently released albums to her name, which is practically unheard of nowadays. With a radiating aura you can’t resist, Dafna whisks us off our feet with her enchanting new single, “Sweeter.”

Although the groovy bass lines and clean cut production in “Sweeter” are absolutely stellar, it’s Dafna’s mesmerizing charm that has us hooked. As Dafna confides in us that she’s dealt with her fair share of guilt and inner struggles, “Sweeter” is drenched in darling sonics you’d hear in a dimly lit jazz club. The accompanying green-themed visual has Dafna embodying confidence like never before, as she sifts through magazines, apples, and rotary dial telephones. 

On “Sweeter,” Dafna reflected,

“I wrote ‘Sweeter’ my senior year of high school, and the overarching theme was about the guilt I felt over things that were out of my control. I struggle a lot with feeling like I have to constantly be perfect, and anytime I wrong anyone or make a mistake, I’m really hard on myself and feel like a failure. But I also hate taking myself or my feelings too seriously, so I usually try to hide and ignore any of those negative emotions. I tried to portray this in ‘Sweeter’ by juxtaposing the darker lyrics surrounding my claustrophobia in my own skin with a groovy and vibe-y production that makes me want to bop my head.”

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